Well received brands have specific elements that engage customers and are palatable for a wider demographic of people.

When a brand gains market appreciation it is often franchised to tap into a larger share of local and possibly international markets. At MBI, we pride ourselves on starting up our own brands, creating a more personal touch and responding directly to the local choice.

We have created strong brands with clearly defined niches, and a process for measuring and increasing value, that can be grown across many geographic boundaries, customer segments and industries. Some of our brands are; Deerfields Mall, Saraydan, Retailistic, and the Deerfields Nursery.



Offering reliable child care solutions Dedicated EYFS-British Curriculum qualified staff members and a full time medical nurse.

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Opening its first branch at Deerfields Mall, offering Saraydan guests a unique and rich culinary experience rooted in traditional Turkish hospitality.

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A specialist in providing complete car care services, such as washing, polishing, paint protection, window tinting, foil application and detailing.

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