Retailistic Commercial Investments(under MBI), invests and operates several quality retail, F&B brands and services across the region, through a successful and sustainable business model.


Retailistic aims to bridge the gap within the retail market of the Middle East by partnering with and developing brands through mutually beneficial partnerships, and introducing exciting and unique brands across the fashion, F&B, home and services categories to the retail market within the GCC.

Retailistic Commercial Investments is the proud owner of the following presenting in the region: Auto Spa, One Stop Carwash, Tyreplus,  OXXO, adL, Saraydan  and Deerfields Nursery.


MBI has grown its business in many directions, one of which is franchising. Believing in partnerships of mutual benefit, the franchising alliances between MBI and its business associates have been made based on the demand of the market, the quality of the product and its reception in the UAE.


MBI handles its franchising outfit through their own company Retailistic. All franchising investments are handled by Retailistic, from research of investment opportunities, to procuring, partnering and marketing.


Always striving to grow and benefit the UAE in terms of options and business opportunities, MBI is open to franchises approaching them, while similarly on the lookout for new partners. Some of MBI’s franchises are fashion brands adL and OXXO.



A modern, trendy and affordable ladies fashion brand from Turkey promoting originality and colour through its designs,

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adl logo


A fashion brand that appeals to stylish and confident women.

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Logo TyrePlus


A network of conveniently located One Stop-shop offering a broad selection of competitively priced and reputable tyre brands,

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Well received brands have specific elements that engage customers and are palatable for a wider demographic of people.


When a brand gains market appreciation, it is often franchised to tap into a larger share of local and possibly international markets. At MBI, we pride ourselves on starting up our own brands, creating a more personal touch and responding directly to the local choice.


We have created strong brands with clearly defined niches, and a process that enables us to measure and increase value, that can be grown across many geographic boundaries, customer segments and industries.


Some of our brands are: Saraydan Cafe, Auto Spa and Deerfields Nursery.



Open its first branch at Deerfields Mall, offering Saraydan guests a unique and rich culinary experience rooted in traditional Turkish hospitality.

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A specialist in providing complete car care services, such as washing, polishing, paint protection, window tinting, foil application and detailing.

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Offering reliable child care solutions Dedicated EYFS-British Curriculum qualified staff members and a full time medical nurse.

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